Rock #1 – Auspicious Findings

Ah, and so you’ve found the first!

First off, please feel to keep it or to place it somewhere for the next person to find.  Same place as you found it?  Fine.  Hawaii?  Sure.   Bottom of the lake?  I’d prefer not, and your auspicious rock would now become a curse!

While it is premature to think of myself as an artist of note, to put it mildly, I will give myself credit for the willingness to try to learn to paint.  Many forego the adventure of learning out of the fear of failure.  In reality, avoidance could easily be considered an even greater loss.

Try. Persist.  Learn.  Enjoy.  Try again.

What to do with all that I paint?  Give it away.  If someone keeps it for their garden, great.  If not, they don’t, but at least we will have shared an adventure together.  Were you expecting to find this website and rock today?   Discovery.  Ah, that is half the fun in life.

Painting lessons learned? This is the first effort after all!

  • I should thin the paint to match the purpose, in that way you can get crisper lines that are made impossible by the wrong brush and a thick and gummy paint.
  • The Mod Podge protective coating says to paint in even thin layers.  Do that.  Don’t goob it on.

Now it is your turn:

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